We would like to present Dar Al Ibdaa FZE as the leading importer, exporter and wholesale distributor of Garden, Florists’, Pet and Rubber Products for the UAE and Overseas markets. We have been in operation since 1991 with the above range of products and firmly believe that at Dar Al Ibdaa FZE, we can meet all your requirements for sourcing of these products and be your long term partners in improving your bottom line.

We deal in all sorts of products that include:

• A wide range of garden accessories that include ceramic pottery, bamboo sticks, pine bark, river wash and snow white pebbles, shade nets, garden edging, plastic pots for growing purposes as well as green wall pots for vertical flower displays.

• A whole range of floral accessories that include cellophane rolls, round saucers, baskets, plastic holders to make arrangements, raffia, skewer sticks and various acrylic/glass vases for all types of arrangements.

• Plastic Pet Accessories for your dogs, cats, rodents and birds.

• Rubber products that specifically deal in Rubber Bands, Gloves, Balloons and Natural Rubber Sheets.



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