Our pet line items include stainless steel dog bowls, dog beds, transporters for animals (IATA Approved), animal cages, litter pans, fish bowls, cat tees, cat litter and many other pet accessories for all types of animals.

We are also able to supply the following types of rubber products:

Rubber Bands:
We currently have our own brand of rubber bands called “Bonus”. Through our brand, we can provide packing options right from 25-100 gram boxes, 200 -500 gram packets, 1kg packing and 20 kg sacks. We import, wholesale & export our range of Bonus rubber bands within the UAE and welcome opportunities for distribution amongst the GCC and Africa Regions. With a wide range of rubber band sizes available, we are your one-stop shop for all your rubber band requirements.

For the gloves and balloons, please contact us directly for more information on these items.

With our direct factory contacts, we are also in a position to provide Raw Rubber Sheets in the following grades:

1. Ribbed Smoked Sheets (grades 1 to 5)
2. Technically Specified Rubber grades 10, 20, L
3. Skim Block
4. ADS XL – Air Dried Sheets
5. Latex Concentrate 60% DRC – Liquid

Dog Food Bowl

Cat & Dog Transporter. Available in four colours & seven sizes.
IATA Approved.

Hamster Cage with accessories.
Available in blue, yellow & in
different sizes.
Bird Cage. Available in yellow, brown, white & in various sizes.

Stainless steel bowl for food or water with an anti-slip rubber on the bottom

Water & Snack Bowls
Bonus Rubber Bands
Bonus Rubber Bands
1kg Rubber Bands
Ideal for IATA approved carriers and normal carriers
Bonus 100% natural Rubber Bands, 50 grams Packing. We offer net weight of 50 grams rubber in each box.

Bonus Outer Packing – 12 boxes of 50 grams packing make one outer.

100% Natural Rubber Bands available in 1kg polybag packing
Rubber Bands Sack
Natural Rubber
Rubber Gloves
100% natural rubber bands available in Sacks of 20kg packing

Balloons available in various colours, sizes and shapes from Thailand. Please contact us for further information.

Natural Rubber sheets available in various specifications from Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia

Medical, Household and Surgical Gloves available from Thailand and Malaysia

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