We currently supply a wide range of Ceramic Pottery, Clay pottery, Porcelain pots and plastic planters in various shapes and designs sourced directly from manufacturers based in Vietnam, Malaysia & China. With this, we are also able to supply black clay pots and carving design pots as well.

Along with planters, we also do accessories like Bamboo Sticks & Trellis, High Quality Korean Shade Nets and River Wash Stones. Keeping in mind the customer's specification, we are able to deliver full container loads of pots, shade nets and bamboo sticks. Please email me for further information on our wholesale pricing and plans for the above items.

Bamboo Sticks
Ceramic Indoor
Ceramic Pots
Ceramic Ribbon Pots

Available in various sizes from 1.00m height to 4.00m height in varying thicknesses.

Available in sizes 36X52, 25X37, 17X27 cms in various colours
These are Made in Vietnam and Malaysia and can be made from 62cm Diameter, set of 4 or 5.
Available from
62cm diameter that are Made In Vietnam
Glazed Ceramic Square Tall Pots
Ceramic Jars
Terracotta Clay Pots
Chinese Porcelain Pots
Available in
various heights/colours and in sets that are Made in Vietnam
in various heights/diameters that are Made in Vietnam
Terracotta Clay pots with mosaics available directly from Vietnam in various sizes.

Available in various designs with beads and other designs on them. These can be done in a set of 3 starting from 55cm diameter.

Carving Design Ceramic Pots
Plastic Pots
2 Tone Design Ceramic Pottery
Black Clay Pots
Starting from 58cm dia, set of 4, rim glazed from Malaysia available in various colours

Plastic Injection moulded pots available in various colours and sizes manufactured in China
Available starting
from 58cm diameter in various colours.

These are very strong
and thick-walled pots ideal for all kinds of big-stemmed plants.


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